CELPIP – Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program

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Test Format and Scoring

The CELPIP-General Test is completely computer-delivered and is taken at one of our designated test centres.

To complete this test, candidates must know how to use a computer mouse and standard keyboard.


Section Time Allotted Number of Questions Parts
Listening 30minutes 45
  • Part 1: Matching Statements to Pictures
  • Part 2: Answering Questions
  • Part 3: Identifying Similar Meanings
  • Part 4: Comprehending Dialogues
  • Part 5: Listening to Conversations
Speaking 30minutes 16
  • Part 1: Answering General Questions
  • Part 2: Interpreting Graphic and/or Tabular Materials
  • Part 3: Telephone Role Play, Conversation, and News Item
  • Part 4: Oral Response to a Topic
General Reading and Writing 120minutes Parts 1 – 4: 35, Part 5: 2
  • Part 1: Reading and Responding to a Letter
  • Part 2: Reading Diagrams and Tables
  • Part 3: Completing a Paragraph
  • Part 4: Reading Passages and Answering Questions
  • Part 5: Two Writing Assignments (one informal short letter and one formal long letter)

Total test time allotted is 180 min or 3 hours.


The format and scoring of the CELPIP-General Test are referenced to the Canadian Language Benchmarks.

Each component of the test (listening, speaking, reading and writing) will be given a CELPIP Level.

Below are the CELPIP levels and Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) equivalencies.

CELPIP Level  CLB Equivalencies
Level 5H Effective (High) or Advanced Proficiency – CLB 10, 11 and 12
Level 5L Effective Proficiency (Low) – CLB 9
Level 4H Adequate Proficiency (High) – CLB 8
Level 4L Adequate Proficiency (Low) – CLB 7
Level 3H Developing Proficiency (High) – CLB 6
Level 3L Developing Proficiency (Low) – CLB 5
Level 2H Minimal Proficiency (High) – CLB 4
Level 2L Minimal Proficiency (Low) – CLB 3
Level 1 No Proficiency – CLB 1 and 2
Level 0 Did not attempt or insufficient information to assess

*For CELPIP-General Tests written before May 3, 2013, CELPIP levels 5L and 5H were reported as a CELPIP level 5. Read more…

*For specific language scoring requirements, please visit the CIC website at www.cic.gc.ca


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