CELPIP – Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program

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Test Format and Scoring

The CELPIP-Academic Test is fully computer-delivered. To complete the test, candidates must know how to use a computer mouse and keyboard.

Test Format

Section Time Allotted Parts
Listening 30 minutes
  • Part 1: Matching Statements to Pictures
  • Part 2: Answering Questions
  • Part 3: Identifying Similar Meanings
  • Part 4: Comprehending Dialogues
  • Part 5: Listening to Conversations
Speaking 30 minutes
  • Part 1: Answering General Questions
  • Part 2: Interpreting Graphic and/or Tabular Materials
  • Part 3: Telephone Role Play, Conversation, and News Item
  • Part 4: Oral Response to a Topic
Academic Reading & Writing 150 minutes
  • Part 1: Sentence Structure
  • Part 2: English Usage
  • Part 3: Reading Comprehension
  • Part 4: Essay Writing

Total test time allotted is 210 min or 3.5 hours.

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CELPIP Proficiency Index Level  CELPIP Levels
Level 5  Effective Proficiency
Level 4H  Adequate Proficiency (High)
Level 4L  Adequate Proficiency (Low)
Level 3H  Developing Proficiency (High)
Level 3L  Developing Proficiency (Low)
Level 2H  Minimal Proficiency (High)
Level 2L  Minimal Proficiency (Low)
Level 1  No Proficiency
Level 0  Did not attempt or insufficient information to assess


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