CELPIP – Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program

Paragon Testing Enterprises

Registration Information

How to Register

  1. Online (Recommended)
  1. By Mail
  2. In Person at the CELPIP Office in Vancouver, British Columbia
Please note that CELPIP Test Centres do not process any registration applications. All registrations are completed through the CELPIP Office by any of the methods listed above.

Important Notices

  • Registration closes 5 (five) calendar days before the scheduled test date. Please note that there is no walk-in registration for CELPIP.
  • It is recommended that you register well in advance because test centres have limited capacity and registration materials are processed in the order in which they are received.
  • To take the CELPIP Test, you must be familiar with using a computer mouse and keyboard.

Retake Policy

Test takers may only register for more than one CELPIP Test (that is, either CELPIP-General, CELPIP-General LS, or CELPIP-Academic) if all test sitting dates are at least 30 calendar days apart from one another.  Therefore test candidates who have taken a CELPIP Test on a test sitting date may not register for another CELPIP Test (of any type) unless it occurs at least 30 days later than the one just completed.  Registrations that violate this policy will be cancelled.

Special Arrangements

If you have a disability or special condition that might require special arrangements, you should contact the central CELPIP Office to make a request for such arrangements. A minimum of two months advance notice prior to the registered CELPIP Test sitting date must be provided to the central CELPIP Office for the request to be considered.  Requests must be accompanied by medical documentation (in English or translated by an authorized translator in English) issued within two years from the date of the request from an evaluator who is qualified to make a determination of the test taker’s special needs.  Each request is treated on a case-by-case basis and must be reviewed and approved by the central CELPIP Office before a test sittings having special arrangements can be confirmed for the individual making the request.



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