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Cancellation, Transfer, and Retake Policies

Last updated: January 20, 2014

Test Registration

Your registration for a Test is specific to the test session on the date, time, and at the location specified in your registration.

Test Cancellation Policy

If you are unable to attend a test for which you have already registered, you may request a cancellation of your registration. If your request for a cancellation is received at least 9 calendar days before the date of the test, you will be eligible for a refund of 50% of your registration fee. No refunds will be granted for cancellation requests received less than 9 calendar days before the test date.

Transfer Policy

You may ONLY request a transfer to another session for the same type of test that you originally registered for (CELPIP-General, CELPIP-General LS, or CELPIP-Academic). Your request for a transfer must be received at least 9 calendar days before the original test date. The fee to transfer a CELPIP-General Test, CELPIP-General LS Test, or CELPIP-Academic Test is $50.00 + tax.

In the case of a serious illness or loss/bereavement, please contact the CELPIP Office no later than 7 calendar days after the scheduled test date. Please be prepared to provide appropriate documentation and/or evidence (e.g., a medical note from a certified medical practitioner or a death certificate). Each case is treated on an individual or case-by-case basis.

To make a transfer or cancellation request, please download a form from the Request Forms Page and submit it to our office for approval.

Cancellation by Paragon

1. If you fail to comply with test Procedures and Instructions, we will terminate your participation in the Test session, refuse to score your Test answers, and cancel your Test scores (if any), and you will not be entitled to a refund of any fees paid for the Test.

2. Very rarely, technical problems may occur that result in late starts and/or rescheduling of your CELPIP test. If technical problems at the test centre make it necessary to cancel your testing session or if it becomes evident after the test that your scores could not be reported, you have two options:

  • retake the test at a later date (no additional fee) in those test components where scores were not reported, or
  • request a refund of your test fee.


Retake Policy

Test takers may only register for more than one CELPIP Test (that is, either CELPIP-General, CELPIP-General LS, or CELPIP-Academic) if all test sitting dates are at least 30 calendar days apart from one another.  Therefore test candidates who have taken a CELPIP Test on a test sitting date may not register for another CELPIP Test (of any type) unless it occurs at least 30 days later than the one just completed.  Registrations that violate this policy will be cancelled.

The CELPIP Office recommends that you do additional studying before retaking the test. See CELPIP Instructional Materials.


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